When we got back from the previous trek, we thought that a new one, that had been planned for tomorrow, was just a nice idea.

Our heads were still banging from the previous trek and we felt as if our legs were seriously weighted. Upon entering our room, sleep delivers it’s definite knockout…


The Andes have really left us speechless…


Just in case, we set the alarm at 6am, if by some miracle we decide to join the tomorrow’s trek. It turned out that proper sleep had charged us sufficiently for the upcoming trek to Churup Laguna (4500m).


Dear altitude sickness, this time please have some mercy…


After a two hour ride, fully equipped (backpacks, proper footwear, sticks, jackets, covered in sun cream and generally looking bizarre in all those intense colors and design) we begin our trek. Contrary to our image, the local guides wear simple jeans, all star shoes and some simple shirts…like going to a grocery store. One of our good friends made a funny point in saying “c’mon people, at least pay some respect regarding our effort to look like serious climbers”. But they show no mercy.


“Child, when I was your age I used to climb these mountains barefooted…”


We advance slowly, the environment becomes portrayed by immense and impressive geography filled with hypnotizing geometry formed by a vide specter of pastel colored rocks. Sights that leave an concept-art like impression.


Frodo, you must be here somewhere…


The thing that we absolutely adore about this type of activity is that the scenery found along the way sends so many wonderful impressions that it inspires most of the people that go on the trek. You can tell this by many conversations that spark between different types of adventurers. We feel the constant arise of new thoughts and ideas. How is it possible that some people don’t like to travel ?


Honestly, it felt as if we were following the path to Mordor.


After a three hour climb, Churup peak (5500m) gloriously emerges above a lagoon painted in different tones of mesmerizing turquoise lake.


Boom baby !


True ZEN…


One day I’ll climb you also !


The landscape looks simply unreal..


Words become unnecessary. The scenery strikes with so many impressions that the only thing left to do is to sit down and feel grateful for the opportunity to be here.

Some of the crew crashed on the warm rocks, some decide to have a snack. The crew from Bosnia made a special “snack” effort and had introduced some homeland bacon. Bosnia, we thank you for your existence !


The Bosnian crew 🙂


Oh, dat sweet bacon !


On the way back, the only thing on our minds was bacon. Now, we know that you’ve probably expected some profound wisdom here…but you wouldn’t imagine just how happy can something as simple as bacon make you in times of great physical exhaustion.

Taking into consideration that the Churup trekking tour included over 700m in altitude shift, we got goosebumps thinking that this trek could have been the first one (instead of Rajucolta trek which was almost flat).

Fortunately, we got quite acclimatized during the previous night so this trek went much more smoothly than the previous one.


We climb the mountains not so the world can see us, but so we can see the world.


Content and a bit dizzy we slowly make our way back to Huaraz and begin preparations for our next stop – Cusco. This city is located in southeastern part of Peru and is quite close to our next big stop… a place that we’ve dreamt about ever since we were children – Machu Picchu ! 🙂

See you out here !


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