Have you ever wandered just how deep can a man made pool get ?

Well, you may find the answer in Millepini, a thermal resort in northern Italy.

This isn’t your ordinary resort. It is home to a very special pool called the “Y-40”.
Number “40” is in it’s name for a good reason and marks the pools maximum depth of 40m, thus making it the deepest pool in the world – according to the Guinness Book of world records.



“The “Y-40″ pool is true practice paradise for scuba divers and free divers”

The “Y-40” pool was designed by an architect Emanuelle Boareti and was open to the public in 2014.
It is filled with a staggering 4,300 cubic meters of thermal water constantly kept at 32-34 degrees Celsius.

We were really well surprised to find out that the deepest manmade pool in the world was filled with thermal water and not with a regular one – which has a ton of chlorine in it.
This is great especially if you plan on staying longer in or under the incredibly relaxing warm water…After all, who wouldn’t ?



The “Y-40” pool attracts scuba and free divers from around the world because it is much more then “just deep”.

It is designed in such way that at different depth there are different types of interior.
You can find caves an tunnels, different objects and obstacles that can help you polish your scuba or free diving skills.
After we found out that the usual underwater time limit is about 45 min. we were like “Really !? All this amazing stuff and you give us only 45min. !? ” 🙂
Of course, we’ve ignored the usual 45min. and stayed for 5-10min. more explaining how “We simply didn’t notice the end-of-dive lights straightaway”, which is something they’ve probably heard for, at least, a 1000 times already… But honestly, you could easily spend a whole day in this amazing pool. Depth put aside, “Y-40” should also have a place in the Guinness Book of world records for being the most entertaining pool the world as well.



But “the deepest pool in the world” title also comes at a price. “Y-40” can easily get really crowded which can get a bit annoying.
You may find yourself navigating through a school of scuba/free divers and spending a lot of time just trying to avoid collision.
Fortunately, the dives are organized and appointed in strict time intervals which prevents “the flooding of divers”.

We had a really funny situation:
As we were slowly descending to the bottom of the pool, at one point, there were so many scuba divers beneath us that the their air bubbles had started to push us upwards, literally.
Luckily we were descending holding a rope. If we weren’t we would have a hard time reaching the bottom. So it’s not a bad idea to wait for a few minutes just after you descend and let the crowd reach the bottom. This way, you will have an easier time descending and you will also have a better visual (less bubbles) of the entire place.



Nevertheless, the underwater mood can get quite sci-fi like: Suddenly it could get a bit dark. And then you could notice different kind of laser lights penetrating the darkness. The scuba divers, with all their equipment, would then start to look like some kind of cybernetic creatures that emerege from their caves and start to float and comunicate in their strange environment. Now we know that Blade Runner never had any underwater scenes, but if it did – it probably wouldn’t be much different then this:



If you ever plan to visit “Y-40”, the deepest pool in the world, here’s what you should know:

  • The pool is located in resort Millepini , near Padova, in northern Italy.If possible,
  • Try to avoid visiting the “Y-40” pool during weekends as it can get overcrowded.
  • All of the diving equipment will be provided by the resort.
  • Maximum time underwater is from 45-50min.
  • It’s not about reaching the pools bottom, it’s about having a good time and staying well within your diving capabilities.


The prices per dive vary and go from 20-40€.

For all detailed information about prices, timetables etc. check out the resorts official website: http://www.millepini.it/eng/

We really enjoyed our time in the deepest pool in the world and we would definitely recommend visiting it.
The “Y-40” truly is a great place to test and elevate you scuba diving skills in a controlled environment.
And even if you aren’t into scuba diving, you’ll still be able to enjoy the thermal water and just relax.

So what are the downsides to all this ? Honestly, we couldn’t find any. But if we really had to find something that we didn’t like about “Y-40” than it’s 45min. time limit – Millepini crew, please make it to be at least 55min. ! 😀



We hope that you liked this article and we would like to hear in the comment section below what interesting diving experiences have you had so far 🙂

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